Kulga Gruenakslag

An exiled queen? A deluded mark?


Gruenak was a great general in the Quest for the Sky. He was a hero, a true king, though he was never crowned.

I know this because my father taught me. He taught me the history of our ancestors. He taught me the duty of a queen to her people, and their duties to me. He taught me that those duties must be upheld, even when the deceived and jealous deny their existence.

We lived in many of the Sky Citadels that remain to our people, subsisting on the taxes my father would collect from those who understood the claims of our blood, those who weren’t frightened away by jealous nobles, pretenders who saw us chased from citadel to citadel before we could find the proof of our forefather’s lineage.

But it was when we came to Janderhoff that my father taught me a new lesson: Even kings can die. I don’t have my father’s way with words, and I was unable to convince any of our subjects to provide appropriate tribute, even to properly honor my father’s passing. I was unable to convince the keepers of the royal archives to add him to their memorials, and when I took up that duty myself, I was caught.

They attainted my name and exiled me from their citadels. They claimed I was lying about my blood, that I was a fool, that I was mad. I knew they would never allow me to find the truth that they hid, so I found my way to Korvosa and stowed away on a ship to the Mwangi expanse, where my father had told me there were other citadels that had been lost to our people. My skills, and my axe would buy my passage, and eventually, fund an expedition to show the truth of my name.

Kulga Gruenakslag

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